Mr. Chaudhry Qaiser Imam Advocate
President For
YEAR 2023

Mr. Chaudhry Qaiser Imam Advocate

              I Chaudhry Qaiser Imam Advocate High Court appreciate the confidence you have in me and my team. I am devoted to work round the clock to unconditionally help and support the members of legal fraternity. I alongwith my team will always keep the doors of my office open for all the fellow colleagues and will love to honor their progressive and creative ideas to make our Bar Association more viable.
               I will utilize all of my resources and will take practical steps in consultation with my team to construct IBA Bar Complex . I am devoted to create more professional opportunities for  young lawyers. I will work to arrange lecture series and seminars of notables of our profession to enhance/develop professional skills of newly enrolled members of our Bar Association. I will appreciate and welcome vision of senior members of Islamabad Bar Association and their extraordinary abilities to guide me all the times. Thanks for giving me opportunity to work for you and serve the legal fraternity.

Office Bearers

Mr. Asad Naveed Bhatti Advocate

General Secretary

Mr. Chaudhary Adalat Hussain Advocate

Vice President

Mr. Mian Hassan Raza Advocate

Joint Secretary

Mr. Chaudhary Tauqeer Nasir Advocate

Library Secretary