Minutes of Meeting

Decision Taken By Cabinet of 2013 Head by the President Syed Mohammed Anwer

General body meeting was held by cabinet minutes of the said meeting are as stated below:

  1. Notice was issued to all respected members of the Islamabad Bar Association so as to receive suggestion concerning the constitution of Islamabad Bar.
  2. Accordingly was issued regarding transportation of Bar members.
  3. Continuity of decision regarding fake degrees taken by the previous cabinet.
  4. Also constituted committees as follows:
    [list list_type=”ul” list_class=”1″]Cleaning Committee- Members
    Chaudary Fareed, Muhammad Naseer-ud-Din, Latif Gujjar.`Canteen Committee- Members:Shajjar Abbas Shah, Shaista Tabbasum, Bashrat Shah.`Parking Committee- Members:Shajjar Abbas Shah, Shaista Tabbasum, Bashrat Shah.Shajjar Abbas Shah, Mirza Irfan Ghazanfar.
  5. Mehfil-e- Milad ceremony was held on 29 January 2013 with the unanimous consent of members.
  6. Meeting of bar members held on first Saturday of every month.
  7. Executive member Nawazish Ali Khan is responsible for matters related to the dispensary including purchase of required medicines.
  8. UPS for library and wash room has been installed.
  9. Three new hand dryers also installed.
  10. Issues regarding Bar and Bench shall be supervised by Chaudary Abdul Latif Gujjar and timely submissions of reports will be made accordingly.
  11. New air conditioner for ladies Bar room has been purchased.
  12. Outstanding bill for gas has been paid by the bar after taking consent of cabinet members.
  13. The demise of a Bar member will lead to payment of Rs. 50,000/- to his/her family members.
  14. Stipend of Hafiz Asad increased from Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10,000/- .
  15. Monthly journals are to be purchased and binding will be provided to them.

New committees for miscellaneous work including for canteen female lawyer concerns and judicial administration.
Canteen Committee:
Members: Syeda Sumera Naqvi, Shaista Tabbassum, Shuakat Ali, Shajjar Abbas Hamdani.
Judicial Administration Committee:
Members: Mazhar Hussain Sherazi, Chaudary Latif Gujjar.

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